Does Raid Kill Spiders? 5 Simple Steps to Kill Spiders!

If you have a can of Raid Ant and Roach Killer spray laying around the house and happen to see a spider, you may ask yourself, “Does Raid kill spiders?“.

This article will cover whether Raid will kill spiders and will also discuss the effects of Raid on spiders vs insects such as ants and roaches – and how effective Raid can be when trying to kill a spider.

First, let’s discuss whether you can kill spiders with Raid.

Does Raid Kill Spiders?

Yes, Raid does kill spiders. Raid can be very effective at killing spiders when used properly. Raid is most effective at killing smaller spiders but can also be effective on larger spiders at a higher dose.

This is specifically referring to Raid Ant and Roach Killer aerosol but other types of Raid products can be effective at killing spiders, just not all of their products.

Does Raid Kill Spiders?!

However, Raid Ant and Roach spray is intended for insects and doesn’t kill spiders in the same way it kills insects. But we’ll discuss that in a bit.

Does Raid Kill Spiders Instantly?

Raid does kill some spiders instantly but may not have the same effect on every spider. It works best on smaller spiders such as common house spiders.

Killing spiders instantly with Raid just depends on factors such as the spider’s size and species. Not all will be as easy to take down as others and some may suffer instead of dying instantly from Raid.

How Much Raid Does It Take to Kill a Spider?

Since Raid was intended for insects, it will likely take a higher dose when you are trying to kill spiders with Raid.

There is no magic dose because it depends on the type and size of the spider. Since it will take more spray than it would take to kill an insect – possibly double – it is more of just spraying a little extra and seeing if that was enough but it is best to not spray the entire bottle of Raid to kill a spider.

Start with a little extra spray than it would take to kill an ant or roach and see if that works to kill a spider. If not, just spray a little more.

You just don’t want to go too crazy and end up wasting the whole can on a single, small spider.

Below are step-by-step instructions on exactly how to kill a spider with Raid.

How to Use Raid to Kill a Spider (5 Simple Steps)

Use these 5 steps to kill a spider with Raid.

Step 1. Read the Label

Read the label on your Raid can and follow the instructions as listed with the exception of potentially using a slightly higher dose for larger arachnids.

Step 2. Protect Surroundings

Ensure there is no food, pets, or other humans in the room – and cover any surfaces that may get contaminated with the Raid spray.

Protect yourself by wearing a face mask and goggles if you have some handy.

Step 3. Spray the Spider

Spray the spider using the directions on your Raid can.

If you determine that you need to spray a little extra to kill a spider, then spray a slightly higher dose than normal but don’t expend the entire bottle trying to kill a spider with Raid.

Step 4. Dispose of the Spider

Once the spider is immobilized, it would be best to ensure the spider is dead. Since Raid won’t kill all spiders instantly, the spider could still be suffering and not dead.

Once you’ve killed the spider, scoop it up with a paper towel and dispose of it.

Step 5. Clean & Ventilate the Area

After you’ve killed and disposed of the spider, you’ll want to thoroughly clean the area and surfaces where you sprayed the Raid.

You’ll also want to turn on fans and open any windows in the room to allow for ventilation.

Raid has harmful chemicals and should not be allowed to sit on surfaces and other areas where it can be picked up by humans, whether by getting it on their skin or ingesting fumes from the chemicals.

Why & How Does Raid Kill Spiders?

When Raid kills spiders, it doesn’t kill them by smothering them to death. Instead, Raid kills spiders by affecting their nervous system, causing their muscles to spasm and eventually causing them to die.

It can be a cruel and painful death, so it is not suggested. Raid Max Spider & Scorpion killer (Amazon) is the preferred method because it is specifically made for spiders and kills spiders on contact.

However, the best and most humane method of getting rid of a spider is to catch and release it outside.

Will Raid Kill Spider Eggs?

Yes, Raid will kill spider eggs. Raid has the same effects on spider eggs as it does on spiders.

Other products like Zevo insect spray may also work in getting rid of spider eggs.

However, it is recommended to go with a product specifically designed to kill spiders.

Raid Kills Spiders!

5 Types of Spiders That Raid Can Kill

Aside from many others, below is a list of five spiders that Raid can kill.

  1. Black Widow – Raid can kill black widows. They are smaller spiders, so Raid should be more effective on them versus larger spiders. Some black widows can be identified by the hourglass mark on their midsections. Others have some red spots while there are some that are all black with no markings.
  2. Brown Recluse – Raid can kill brown recluses as well. Recluses are also on the smaller side, so Raid should be more effective on them versus larger spiders. Brown recluses are identified by their light brown bodies with dark brown violin shapes on their cephalothoraxes that point back toward their abdomens.
  3. Daddy Long Legs – Raid will kill daddy long legs because they are not very big (in terms of their bodies) and they can’t move very fast. But daddy long legs are harmless to humans and should be left alone when possible.
  4. House Spider – Small house spiders are usually identified as having a reddish-brown color. House spiders can be killed with Raid because they are small, but house spiders are pretty harmless to humans because what little venom they possess is very small amounts and not enough to hurt an average-sized human.
  5. Wolf Spider – Raid may not be as effective in killing wolf spiders. Wolf spiders can sprint very fast and may be able to avoid most of the spray. If the spider is smaller you may have a chance at killing it with Raid, but there are different methods that would work better to kill wolf spiders.

Does Raid Hornet & Wasp Spray Kill Spiders?

Yes, Raid Hornet and Wasp Killer will also kill spiders. It works in a very similar way to other Raid and Zevo products in how it kills insects and spiders.

However, as with the other sprays not specific for spiders, killing a spider with Raid Hornet and Wasp spray can be an agonizing death for a spider because of the way it kills them.

Using any of these various Raid, Ortho, and Zevo sprays can be effective on some spiders – while for others not so much. Spiders have long legs that allow them to avoid most chemicals that are sprayed onto surfaces.

But when Raid is sprayed directly on spiders, the chemicals essentially burn spiders to death and cause their bodies to lose control of their muscles until they enter paralysis. Not a fun way to go!

Why You Shouldn’t Use Raid to Kill a Spider

While it may be possible to kill a spider with Raid, Ortho, and Zevo products – you should always try to use a different, more humane method. These insect sprays have chemicals that are dangerous to insects but aren’t kind to human eyes, skin, and lungs either.

It is best to avoid using any type of chemicals to kill anything when possible.

Killing a spider with a product not intended for spiders may still work, but the process may be different and not very kind to a spider.

I get it! You have a spider and you just want it gone. However, the best way to get rid of a spider is to catch it and release it outside because spiders are very helpful to us in getting rid of all kinds of insects.

When killing a spider with Raid, you are effectively torturing it to death with all the chemicals found in the product.

If you must kill a spider with an aerosol spray such as Raid, at least go with the actual product that claims to kill spiders on contact instead of using a product that was intended for other pests like insects.

You can visit this link to purchase Raid Max Spider and Scorpion Killer (Amazon), which is the correct product for killing spiders.


While you may be able to kill spiders with Raid, it won’t be as effective on all spiders, especially bigger-sized spiders.

Raid Ant and Roach is not the most effective product for killing spiders as there are specific products made for killing spiders, such as Raid Max Spider and Scorpion Killer.

However, it is best to catch a spider and release it outside rather than kill it. Spiders do a lot of good for us and the environment.

It is best to avoid killing them whenever it is possible because most pose very little threat to humans.

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